Frances A.

For several months prior to my PT treatments at Hill Pro-Motion Physical therapy I was having low back pain and right leg aches and pain especially at night in bed. Finally, the physiatrist took X-rays and told me I had a badly worn first and last sick in my back causing my problem and recommended PT. When I came to the first therapy session I learn the treatment plans and goals and the end result. I was very skeptical when they told me they were going to take the aches and pains from my right leg and put it in my back and eventually decrease my back pain. I let them know I wished them good luck with that. I must say when they accomplished that goal, I let them know they could put it back in my leg because the back pain was more painful; however, as time progressed with treatments I was purely amazed and thrilled the pain was gone. I was also able to stop taking medications as they were not required. At the end of my physical therapy, I felt well and have been able to work at my job without difficulty.