About Us

Hill Pro-Motion Physical Therapy is Lee Summit’s premier rehabilitation center. We believe in offering individualized service to every person and client that walks through our doors. We offer the most up to date scientific treatment available specializing in treatment for all orthopedic injuries to the spine and extremities. This ensures that each client not only has decreased pain and improved function but most importantly has an established relationship with their physical therapist.

Our reputation for excellence stands year after year as satisfied clients recommend Hill Pro-Motion Physical Therapy to their friends and family. We focus on the client and their personal needs in a warm, caring, profession and fun atmosphere.

We provide treatment for adolescents, adults men and women; whether you are an amateur, professional, weekend warrior, or armchair athlete. Our quality care and expertise will help you lead a more independent and fulfilling life.

Our treatment philosophy is to treat the client as a whole. We acknowledge that each client is different and their needs are different. We tailor each treatment to the client’s need and abilities.

Our physical therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy and hold various certifications including manual therapy, aquatic therapy, and athletic training. Their years of experience, teaching and speaking at various physical therapy events allow them to offer excellent treatment and establish a foundation of superior service.

In addition to our therapists offering the most current scientific treatment, Hill Pro-Motion Physical Therapy is proud to be the only outpatient private practice in Lee’s Summit in which aquatic therapy is provided on its premises. This allows for distraction free treatment and privacy to be experienced while clients participate in their rehabilitation.

During the course of rehabilitation, after manual therapy is provided, strengthening is important to complete a client’s care. Not every client is able to tolerate traditional land based treatments in this regard. Aquatic therapy can be incredibly beneficial to the body. Because our bodies weigh less in water and are more buoyant, there is less strain and weight on muscles and joints, allowing them to increase range of motion and build strength with less pain than on dry land. Unlike other practices, Hill Pro-Motion Physical Therapy is able to provide this benefit for the client’s success in a private pool, meaning you can let your body heal without worrying about the judgment of others or restricted space.